8 Things You Must Do After You Attend A Network Event

8 Things You Must Do After You Attend A Network Event

So, you've been, you've seen and chatted. Did you follow up with the contacts or file them? 

The sole purpose of networking is to form new relationships. If you haven't engaged with the contacts after the event there was no point in attending.

Keep up the initial connection by following these eight steps.

What happens now you've left?  

1. Don't shove cards in the drawer to gather dust bunnies.

2. Send a personalised email or give them a call.   

3. In your email include, address, website links, social media hookups, and phone number; make it easy to provide people with a click-the-link option to find you.

4. Set up a coffee meeting with the people you want to build an ongoing relationship with. 

5. If you enjoyed the buzz, lift up other people in business by share your networking experience amongst colleagues or connections to widen their business relationships. 

6. Follow, and connect on social media, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube or Pinterest.  

7. Rebook, and go with this goal in mind, aim to connect and build a relationship with two useful people, who will be beneficial for business or referral. 

Written by Bronwyn Sheehan 

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels