Clarity is key

Are you crystal clear about aligning your passions with your profits? I ask that question a lot, but I think this part of the year is when it needs to be considered the most.

We are in the last month before we hit the last quarter (take a moment to think about that) of the year and I LOVE this time of year. I love preparing and getting ready for a grand finish, and I want to encourage you to do the same.

Make now your preparation time, the time when you plan your media approach, who you will target and the how of all of the above. New clients are the key to your success, what new clients can you target, what can you offer, who have you talked to that needs a phone call and what are you ready to offer?

However what I sadly encounter time and time again is how stressed business people are and how much confidence they lose through others and events. The media has a lot to answer for, and recently I have noticed how much negative press we are getting about hardships, and it makes me angry. Even in the difficult times, the wheels of commerce flow the difference is the good people get all the work, and the Cowboys are pushed out.

I think we are about to enter an amazing business time and I want you to join me emotionally. Step in and step up!

It is time to remind yourself what you have achieved, how amazing your business is and make a decision today to have a grand finish.

No matter what is said it is what you believe and focus on that diminishes your energy and frequency. Remember like attracts like. What are you focusing on right now, what have you been thinking about all weekend?

Rosina Bond

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