Hear Us Roar!

Bronwyn and I were excited all day to launch the first of our speed network events, we secretly hoped this would be the first of many. 

We had followed our instincts to launch this platform and wow were we keen. What had happened behind the scenes had taken a lot of discussions and a bit of work to get us here and here we were, ready to open the doors. Bronwyn had bravely invited Metro magazine to come along and review our first one, which by the way was not a new concept but we were excited all the same.

We didn't want another stuffy networking event, a 7am in the morning one that cost a bomb, we wanted women to be who they were, to share authentically. The moment came and everyone turned up, the venue was fabulous, Supreme Supreme had backed us and the venue worked beautifully, what a night we had. A great finish was enjoyed by all.

We created this business because we LOVE empowering people and we LOVE business.

One of the main things the women enjoyed about TSN was getting to talk to so many other women, as so often when you go to networking groups, you only get to talk to one or two and often, not the people you really need to meet. The point of difference with The Speed Network is... you get in Front of 19 others and what a difference this made.

The feedback we have received since our debut was great and most of the women got 3 to 4 good leads and connections from the women they spoke to, and you can’t ask for more than that.

Networking is essential for every business, and so often people don’t realise this and solopreneurs tend to hide behind their computers, instead of sharing and shining. If you don’t promote, who you are and what they do, work can slow down or stop. You MUST share. Why not connect with people, in fact, why not make networking a positive aspect of your monthly business marketing tools. I know when I spend time with others my conversion rate is so much higher. Make networking part of your everyday life and business, as you never know who you going to meet and you never know what doors will open. It’s not just about any money, it’s about encouragement, connection, self-worth, collaboration and most of all giving back and encouraging others in business. We all need to be encouraged.

The Speed Network was created from the desire to help women to build connections in business, with the desire to do better business to grow potential threads and build collaborations.

We love to see women shine, as both of our businesses support people in some shape or form and this seemed a great way to marry both our businesses together, with one intention and desired outcome. To let women shine seemed like a no-brainer to both of us and our first event proved what we expected all along, there is a lack of business meeting business. and we are pleased we have done it.

Our second event is set to go and we are almost full!

Women are amazing, we are powerful and we do offer the most incredible solutions and opportunities to others. The feedback we have received has been great, with most getting three or four good leads to build on.

If you are thinking of networking, why not give us a try. We do hope you join us, come to collaborate and shine, whether you work in heels or sneakers... join us and share why you began your business and how you wanted to change the world!

PS. We are having a mixed event soon too, (men can come and shine too) check out our website for dates, details then take the plunge and register to enjoy the experience of The Speed Network for yourself.

Written by Rosina Bond