Masters Of Our Own Destiny

Masters Of Our Own Destiny 

Life is more costly than ever before, and all of us want to feel financially safe, to be the masters of our own destiny, which is why so many are turning their hand to opening and running their own business or side hustle. We are one of the highest small enterprise owning countries in the world and for a good reason. Kiwis get the job done!.

Small Business Owners 

Small business owners or entrepreneurs are a force to be reckoned with, but being a business owner can feel daunting and what I am noticing (through my mentoring) is how more and more feel they have little or no control and this fear is trenching their mindsets and dumbing their ability down.

Achieve and Succeed

I love, love, love business and I love inspiring solo or small owners to achieve and succeed, they are conflicted about the future, making the ability to enjoy what they are doing harder. Initially, I thought fear was crippling them but I now know different, it is their fundamental belief and worth that is the actual killer. It is killing their drive, self-worth and inducing fear and I believe making some sick.

Power Of The Right Thoughts 

Our consciousness is essential and, the power of the right thought lifts our frequency which creates an openness to attracting more. You cannot think negatively and attract what you desire, these opposites oppose each other, and I know this is why so many people are unhappy in their life today. Anxiety is stronger in our society than ever before why? People don't back themselves, they don't believe or see what they can achieve, they have forgotten they are an expert and why they stepped into business in the first place. They are suffering, from a record that plays over and over inside limiting them from living with power.

You Are A Powerhouse 

I want to remind you that you are a powerhouse, and your thoughts are the beginning point of everything you do and attract back into your life. Your thoughts/ideas spark every action that you take or don't take; your thoughts can hold you hostage or ignites a passion that encourages you to take risks and try new things. Your thoughts either trench an idea or lift it into existence and when you change your thoughts and visually create, you literally change outcomes.

Clarity And Action 

It is not about being positive; exuberant positivity can create a loop of hope without any substance, it is about clarity, and action. It is time to back yourself, don't buy into the thought that there are limitations. Instead, remember who you are and what you offer, then go and get what you want. Think strategically, think critically but think, then do.