Reasons to Speed Network

Reasons Why You Should Speed Network

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When some people first think of networking it sends a chill down their spine or makes their tummy knot.  Sitting in front of strangers chatting about your business can seem scary! Some experience stress levels rising, their heart beating out of their chest or just break out in a cold sweat! 

But seriously, it’s really such jolly good fun, chatting at a fast pace to make sure you get all the good news out about your biz before the bell rings and you need to listen.  It should make the heart beat faster but in a euphoric, uplifting and “shoot, I’m nailing this” way. 

I’m not a social butterfly when faced with people I don’t really know, which made the idea of starting a networking event seem odd. To me it was always a case of “courage is looking fear right in the eye and saying, ‘Get the hell out of my way, I’ve got things to do,' along with the drive to network to broaden business circles and apply that to other small businesspeople. 

To be able to overcome my unease to connect with strangers I had to get clear about my objectives and know what my purpose in business was. I have to say the butterflies were going crazy in the first moments when I opened our events! 

However, the thought of getting to know more people, doing what I loved, working with Rosina - whose ease of dealing with people I admire - had those butterflies fluttering in jubilation.  I must make mention of the happiness that came with businesspeople getting connected outside their usual circles. It was off-the-charts amazing.   

The best advice I can give you is: 

*Let your inner expert guide you and get out of your own way and head; stop limiting yourself. 

This has worked wonders for me in being able to show up, own what I do and love it.  

So, with that said, if you ever wondered what the benefits are of networking … take a look.

Networking has so many fantastic benefits for you, your business and your overall wellbeing. 

These include:

1. Lifting your business profile to another level

3. When you are excited by sharing your story that excitement is contagious and magical and lifts the dopamine - the feel-good factor 

4. It is a boost to your self-esteem and self-confidence to share your business journey 

5. Our 90-second format helps you to refine your elevator pitch

6. It’s fun and you connect very quickly

7. Meeting people outside your usual circles expands your business circle

8. Connections lead to referrals or business collaboration  

9. Overcoming your fear of public speaking or talking to people you don’t know

10. Meeting like-minded business people who are there doing exactly what you are doing

11. Our events bring customers and life back into the CBD

And remember:

  • We are building the sisterhood network by meeting like-minded people in business
  • The door is opened for you to connect after our events 
  • A successful event gets the butterflies flying in jubilation, instead of trepidation
  • When you speak at a networking event you are in the same boat as all other participants
  • Polish your pitch, practice makes perfect
  • Share your inner expert with other women


Happy Speed Networking!


*Rosina Bond, Business Mentor and Numerologist