Mastermind Groups

Get your business and home life in sync to get more of what you want, desire and deserve.

Successfully balancing many roles can come at the expense of selfcare.  As women, it feels like we are always working to find the balance we need to ensure all aspect of our lives are flowing. 

We want it all. A financially successful business, balanced with running a home, living with passion as well as achieving happy working relationships.

We felt the need to provide more for women. Our Mastermind Share Groups will help take you to the level you deserve. We provide a six-week group or a five hour session for sole traders, entrepreneurs, managers and owners to interact with other like-minded women in business. 

Register and meet others and let's get inspired.

  1. New To Business 
  2. Established Business 

Additional support will be available at Master Your Business

No matter what you do, you need support and inspiration. Women need to know that we are able to build relationships through trust, open up and have some fun by sharing what’s real for them. 

In our tribe of women, you can be part of a team, sharing ideas while we take you through a process to achieve clarity and build more successful outcomes. 

Rosina Bond ~ Business Numerology and Mentoring 
Bronwyn Sheehan ~ More Of You