Our Objective

Our objective was to connect business folks.

To get them out of the office and engaging. We wanted them to share with like-minded women who were there to connect and aspired to grow their business enterprises. 

    It can be tough as a business owner or a sole trader knowing where to go to get support, ask all the important questions and find the right source to connect to and trust. 

    We found that showing up to engage encouraged attendees to open up and share about who they were and why they went into the business.

    Growing a business relationship with a new connection

    Is no different to the principle of nurturing a new friendship. It is based on mutual respect, trust and communication. You give a little and wait for the other partner to step forward and give back, and so the dance begins. 

    When you attend a speed networking event, you come to communicate and respectfully listen to whoever sits across from you.  Being willing to take your turn and then allow another to be heard gives time to form a decision – is it a business to refer on or a service that you may use in your own business? 

    The time you spend chatting and listening allows the person sitting across from you to evaluate the same about you and your business. That’s why it’s imperative to get clear and hone a punchy pitch about the services and industry you do business in.

    Bronwyn and Rosina started a random conversation on Valentine’s Day 2018, as we were looking at ways to provide networking for ourselves and other business folks, to grow greater traction and connections for referrals or business. What was already out there just wasn’t hitting the mark for us.

    Our core principles:

    1. Connections had to be open and conducted with integrity and respect. 
    2. It had to be fun, fast and funky for time-poor folk 
    3. It had to be face to face, so everyone got equal chat time and to speak to all who attended. 
    4. We wanted to get folk empowered to show up and be excited about the services they offered.
    5. Most of all it just needed to be simple with like-minded people so the small business folk of Christchurch didn’t need to drag themselves out at the crack of dawn, come with a big price ticket or sign up for a lengthy period. 

      The Speed Network events are fabulous, fun and fast-paced!

      You can be guaranteed to connect with lots of lovely people from many different businesses, and maybe even make  some new business contacts. I can definitely recommend becoming a 'Speed Networker' with Bronwyn Sheehan and Rosina Bond.

      Jo Bailey, Author and Content Queen